160 Easy recipes for Aromatic Stocks and Irresistible Sauces

In my nevertheless rich library with cooking literature, there are only four thin booklets with recipes about sauces. While sauce is still the classic third element on a plate after potatoes, rice or pasta and vegetables. Even in this time when sauce takes on the form of meringues, drops and ointment (!), sauce continues to play its important supporting and supplementary role.

In a dish, sauce represents the liquid element (structure) in addition to potatoes, vegetables and fish or meat. Sauce is therefore an important part of a meal and it is sometimes said that a dish stands or falls with the sauce that is served with it.

The various stocks are a very important part of this EBook because they form the basis for many sauces. – Pay a lot of attention to it and follow the rules carefully. Chemistry is not covered in this sauces book. As many as 160 authentic sauces that have been around for decades and can be regarded as a culinary heritage.

Cooking is not an exact science. – The recipe does not include any decimal places, but leaves room for initiative and creativity. And – taste, taste, taste!


160 Easy recipes for Aromatic Stocks and Irresistible Sauces is een Engelstalig e-boek, 95p., aangeboden in geoptimaliseerd Kindle-ebook-formaat. Dit boek is een herwerking van de eerste succesvolle Nederlandstalige versie. 

Auteur: Walter Larivière
Genre : Koken & lekker eten
Aanbevolen verkoopprijs: 9,99 EUR

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